October 21st, 2013

Changes are afoot! I have lots of exciting plans in the works… they aren’t all set in stone yet, so without saying too much, for now I shall just update you on a few new additions to my galleries.

Stay tuned to find out what I’m up to!

L-R, top-bottom.

1: Kate, one of my long term extension clients decided a new chapter in her life needed a new look, so we took them out and gave her an edgy blunt bob. I think we can all agree she rocks them both!

2: Shortly before the new look, Kate appeared in America, the new video for Motionless in White. 

3: These fine dreadlocks belong to Nick, a regular client who also has some extensions in there, to create a more uniform length.

4: Another regular, Joseph coming in for his bi-annual maintenance.

5: Hannah is growing out a short mohawk, and wanted more length for styling options, so we used extensions to give her a long-hawk.

6: Another great update picture from Janice, who I started these dreadlocks for one year ago. All self maintenance.

7: Styling for an actress client of mine named Meridith for some new headshots. Photography by Rudolf Bekker.

8: More of the lovely Meridith.

9: Mel was tired of stylists telling her there’s no such thing as a permanent true red. We proved them wrong, and gave her a sweet new cut, just to rub it in!


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