June 17th, 2013

A little update from the last couple of months.
As always, you can find all of these images in the galleries as well!

L-R, top-bottom.

1: Kiss, who is an accessories and apparel designer as well as a promoter wanted something epic and eyecatching. We used a combination of ombre colour, and custom dyed extensions to get this look.

2: Starr wanted a warm blonde for the summer, so we lightened her existing shade with heavy highlights, and a honey toned base colour.

3: Hair for a performance by the dance company Body Collider. Their show had a ‘high fashion’ concept, and featured clothing from a designer with a very minimalist approach. The hair had to withstand a performance that was very physical, so it had to be solid and immovable. I used an opaque white hair gel combined with temporary white and silver sprays for these looks.

4: Jess wanted something colourful and fun, with a cool colour palette, so we kept it mermaidesque with blues, greens and purples.

5: This client wanted a pink ombre for the summer. We kept it pretty vibrant so that she could wear it as a pastel as it faded out, giving her a little more mileage before she has to refresh the colour.

6: Here is someone who was looking for a drastic change! She had a lot of hair and wanted something short and funky.