December 29th, 2012

It’s been a while! Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to since… oh dear. April!

You know when you leave something so long, it gets to a point where there’s so much to say you just have no idea how to even start?
I am at that point, so I’m just going to list some fun stuff , show you some pictures, and leave you with a promise that I hereby resolve to be better about updating in 2013.

I wrote it on my blog, so that means it’s real!

1:I styled Kendra for about a million shows, here’s one of them.
2:Becca and Kate were snapped by Inked Magazine at the NYC convention this year, which would never have happened if I hadn’t done their hair that day, obvi!
3:I made some gold ladies to promote Kendra’s press release party for her album, Banshee.
4:Stine and I came up with this Yolandi Visser inspired short cut that caught the attention of the lady herself (fangirl moment).
5:I made some pretty fingerwaves for a flapper themed party.
6,7:I started some new dreadlocks.
8:I shaved off some old ones.
9,10:I maintained some existing ones.
11:I even extended some a little bit, to achieve a more uniform length.
12,13,14:I did some sweet extensions.
14:I started one of those extension clients on her journey away from 7 years of the dreaded Triple B; Box Black Buildup.
15:A client and I realized how far she’d come by growing her hair out with extensions, so we bragged about it on the internet.
15:We had a pop-up shop for our highly talented good friend’s clothing/accessory line, Ssik Kiss.
16:And finally, on a more personal note, I made the greatest family photo holiday card ever. Feel free to print that out for your bedroom wall, cat-pervs ;)

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