April 26th, 2012

This is Axel. He’s been serving witchcraft realness since before The Kids buying “Black Magic” shot glasses at Urban Outfitters were even born.

Trust me when I say his soul is blacker and more evil than yours. If you live in or around New York, you probably know of him, he’s something of a legend.

Also, he’s a total sweetheart and lives on the same block as our salon, so we had an art show for him tonight. He made the amazing baphomet on my belt that everybody covets. You can spot his pieces in Lady Gaga videos, but who cares about that when you can wear a crown of thorns with an eyeball in the middle of it, or wield a sword like this one?

My pictures don’t do his artwork justice, so I pilfered some better ones from this 2001 article about a collaborative show he did with John John Jesse, but really you should just come to the salon and see them for yourselves. We will have them up for a few weeks, and we have prints as well as the originals for sale. They are all painted in his own blood.

Salon friend, and personal bestie, Kendra Morris released her second single from her album. It dropped today on MTV Buzzworthy  where they had this to say about the hair in the video:

“…expressions of apathetic bad-assery, and absurdly amazing hair. (Between Kendra’s brown waves and the lustrous black mane sported by her man-friend, we’re experiencing maj coiffure envy.)”

I mean… I’m just sayin’…

(I styled Kendra’s and also her love interest, a long time friend of mine, Steven Astbury’s hair for this video)

We spent a week in beautiful, sunny LA for this shoot. It was tough I tell ya!

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April 22nd, 2012

I added a few new pictures to some of the galleries, I’m out of time for today, but there are lots more to come!





I finally figured it out.

April 22nd, 2012

Updating my site, that is!

So, this is very late in coming, but here is the ‘Concrete Waves’ video for Kendra Morris that we all worked so hard on last summer. This post is so late, in fact, that her new video, ‘If You Didn’t Go’ comes out next week, and also the video for the B-side, ‘Pulling Teeth’.

So, until next week, enjoy ‘Concrete Waves’.

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